Vendors and their Products

Mike Hutton: Apples, cider, apple butter, jams and jellies.

Tom Scott: Eggs and potatoes

Carolyn VanDine: Three varieties of dried beans

Len & Sarah Sherman:  Preserves, jams, baked goods, books and art, eggs as available.

Roy & Laurie McLellan: Maple syrup and maple candy

Carolyn Davis: Jewellery, jams and jellies, eggs, and knitted items, and some baking too!

Jerry Ingraham: Organic, fair trade coffee and fine carpentry items

Joyce Davis: Vegetables in season, jams, dulse, and beeswax products.

Glenn McLean: Jams preserves and Watkins® Products, and beef and pork

Ramona Paul: Assorted handmade jewelry, dishclothes, preserves, soaps, pottery, and wood carvings.

Gladine Berry: Knitted socks, mitts, scarves, etc.  Orders taken!

Ellen Turner:Eggs, knitted socks, baby clothes, and cat toys.

Jane Farrell: Decorative tole painting, and sewing, knitting and crocheting

Jenifer Morgan: Knitted items, preserves, Regal catalogue products

Val Flewelling : Cinnamon buns, paintings and cards

Donna Michaud: Preserves, knitted toys, soaps, and crafts

Matthew Culberson: Eggs, bacon, sausages, garden seeds, and vegetables.

Gwen Anderson: Baked goods, and knitted items, vegetables in season.

Inga Jeruskula: Knitted items including mittens and socks

Pam Burpee: Cake balls and mini cheesecakes.

Julie Clendenning: Handmade soaps, dried wild harvested mushrooms and teas.

Renee Sullivan: From recycled sweaters are created Swippers and Smittens.

Wendy Anderson: Doll clothing and accessories (for Barbies, American Girl and other popular varieties).

Briggs & Little yarn: Woodstock's best selection of local yarn

We also have Speerville Mill grain products, Jolly Farmer chicken and cheese, cookbooks, children's novelties, gravestone saddles.


Market Info

Located in downtown Woodstock at 220 King Street, along the banks of the beautiful St. John River.

Open Monday to Thursday & Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm.

Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.

Map & Phone

Contact us by calling 325-1816
View a driving map

Photo Gallery

This photo gallery shows a number of the vendors, from Tom Scott, one of the oldest vendors, to Jenifer Morgan, one of our newest, going about their business on a Friday.

The Woodstock Farm Market has a large number of vendors, both longtime and new. On a weekly basis, they renew their relationships with faithful customers and work to interest new customers in their products. 


The market kitchen is run by Golden Unicorn Farm (Len & Sarah Sherman), providing quality affordable breakfasts, lunches and baked goods, using local sustainable food.  Open Fridays from 9AM to 1PM. 

Carleton County Creative Arts

Visit with fine local artists like James Buxton, who makes baskets, wood carvings and metal sculptures, and Robert Wells , who paints local scenes.

Mott's Landing Fine Wines!

For the past year David and Sandra Craw have provided the market with a selection of wines made from grapes in their own New Brunswick vineyard. You can choose a fruity Razzberry, or a dry Frontenac Reserve, or several other selections.

Remember Fridays!

Fridays are extra special. From 8 am - 4 pm enjoy unique products such as barbequed mild or spicy sausages, buffalo burgers (now provided with a smile from Val Flewelling and her family), and fresh brewed organic coffee.

Our History

Under the direction of its founding members, Wendell Bull, Carolyn and Allan VanDine, and Ellen Helmuth, the Carleton County Farm Market Committee, held its first market day on July 7, 1973. Eight vendors occupied the stalls under Connell Park grandstand.  As it became evident that the demand of the customers was exceeding the supply, the Market’s size quickly grew to 35 vendors within a month’s time. When the weather grew colder, the Market moved to the basement of the Fish & Wildlife Building for the fall, closing for winter at the end of December.  For five years the Farm Market location continued to change but the amount of vendors steadily increased, eventually numbering 40, enabling a year-round market to be established under the name of the Woodstock Farm Market Co-op Ltd.  By 1990, the Woodstock Farm Market was looking for a permanent location and was offered a piece of land, by the town, on which to construct a permanent building.  With financing from the provincial government, the Farm Market moved into its new home at the end of King Street.  Friday was the exclusive Farm Market day until its transformation to a six-day market in 2007.  Despite having to compete with larger supermarkets invading the town, the Woodstock Farm Market has remained a popular breeding ground for culture, friendship and above all else, locally grown products.

Farm Market Reports

Keith Helmuth, a member of the Farm Market Board, writes a regularcolumn in the Woodstock Bugle-Observer newspaper.  Take a look at his articles to learn more about the Farm Market.
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