Becaguimec Farm

becaguimec-farmsBecaguimec Farm (pronounced “beck-a-gwi-meck”) is a mixed livestock farm established in 2013, by John Best and Emily Shapiro at the forks of the Becaguimec Stream. Along with Rose Veal, the farm raises dairy cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and guinea fowl and grows organic grains, pulses and forages. Because we are concerned about the wellbeing of our animals, the health of our stream and forest, and the quality of the food we sell and eat, our farm is Certified Organic. Our livestock is always raised without regular use of hormones or antibiotics. By creating comfortable, clean, and stress free living conditions, our animals are healthy and rarely if ever require medication. Prevention of illness is the key. Small herd and flock sizes, good feed, and access to pasture allow our animals to thrive.

Products for sale include: Rose veal, pork, whole chickens, whole turkeys, ground beef, piglets, breeding stock heifers & gilts, straw, organic hay, and organic silage.


6249 Route 104
Cloverdale, NB E7P 1X6