Bulk sales, the pergola and a best seller as gardens produce a bounty of produce

Farm Market Report for September 6, 2016
Keith Helmuth

For those who find real satisfaction in putting up food for the winter, now is the time to swing into action. Those with big gardens know all about this, but those with small gardens or no garden at all can take advantage of good prices on bulk sales at the local Farm Markets and farmyard vegetable stands.

This has been a banner year for abundant production in the market gardens of Carleton County. For example, last Friday at the Woodstock Farm Market, Matthew and Angie Culberson had big boxes of beautiful, fully ripened tomatoes ready for canning or freezing, or maybe just sharing with family members. Matthew assures me they will have them again this coming Friday.

Tomatoes are most commonly canned, or made into soup and a wide variety of sauces that are also canned. But they can also be frozen. Matthew can give you the low down on freezing tomatoes. Culberson’s can also supply bulk quantities of buttercup squash, onions, carrots, and other vegetables.

If the crisp fall air is bringing up that old instinct for putting up food for the winter, and you don’t have your own supplies, Friday is the day to hit the Farm Market. Canning jars and freezer bags are readily available at several stores around town.

Pergola Completedfarmpe

 After a few delays, the new pergola is now erected over the Farm Market deck. Now instead of sitting in the blazing sun, you can enjoy your Friday breakfast or lunch in the comfort of the dappled shade and sunlight that filters through the structure. Thanks to Jason Galloway and the crew at Top Quality Builders for a job well done.

Farm Market Best Seller

 School Days by George Peabody has become the best seller on the local author bookshelf at the Farm Market. This is the story of one-room schoolhouses in the Maritimes told in great detail with lots of photographs. Published originally at $16.95, George is now selling copies for $10. A real bargain and a great read, especially for those who can remember those “good old days.”

 And finally, Market greetings to long time vendor Tom Scott, on his 90th birthday coming up this week. Market customers have been buying Tom’s potatoes and eggs for almost as many years as the Market is old – 43 years.

 The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is open six days a week from 10 to 4 – 8 to 4 on Fridays.