Farm Market Barbeque Back in Business

Farm Market Report for March 21, 2017 Keith Helmuth

With milder weather of mid-March, the sausage and buffalo burger barbeque at the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is back in business. This feature of the Market has long been a favourite lunch stop on Friday. For the last few years, Val Flewelling and her family, Henryck, Ella, Rudy, and husband Matt have operated the barbeque business at the Market, but the time has come for them to move on.

sausage-wfmcFortunately, Matthew, Angie and Tyson Culberson have picked up the barbeque opportunity. They will be serving their own sausages and the same New Brunswick buffalo burgers that Val served. The Culbersons were all set up last Friday before I had a chance to get this reopening report written, so for all those looking forward to the Farm Market’s Friday barbeque lunch, it is now back. The barbeque business is set up under the canopy at the north end of the Market building.

Val started in the Market with a cinnamon bun business and then took over the barbeque when the previous operator retired. Her three children worked right along beside her through her years in the Market. The opportunity for families to work together operating a small business is one of the unique features of the Farm Market. It’s a valuable education in real life economics for kids who grow up helping to prepare and sell products in the Market.

But, as always, priorities change from time to time, and Val and her family have now passed on the barbeque business. Everyone at the Market gives them a big vote of appreciation for the good service they have provided.

From the time the Market building was constructed in 1990, the Friday barbeque lunch has been a big hit. Up until 2006 the Market was open only on Friday and at least two, and sometimes three, barbeque vendors operated side by side under the canopy with their own unique products.

When the Farm Market changed to a six day a week schedule, Friday continued to be known as “Friday Market Day” with more products coming in, many vendors at their stalls, and the Market Café open for breakfast and lunch service. The barbeque operators continued to set up on Friday as well, making the lunch options at the Market very attractive to folks who work downtown and to those coming into town on Friday business.

With the Culberson family taking up the barbeque business, the Friday lunch tradition continues. A juicy sausage makes a pretty good breakfast as well. And you can pick up a coffee in the Market at the Coffee Guy’s stall (Gerry Ingraham).

Sarah & Len Sherman also serve up hearty breakfasts and lunches on Friday at the Market Café. Sarah’s menu is always changing and everything she prepares is always very tasty. Any of her offerings can also be prepared “to go”.

The Farm Market Coop Annual General Meeting will be held at the Market on Sunday March 26th at 3 PM. Members are urged to attend and visitors are welcome. The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market has been in operation for 45 years. Thanks to all the vendors and shoppers who make the Market a vital downtown business tradition.