Garden Fresh Greens at the Market

A few hot days have at last warmed the soil to the point where it’s safe to plant beans. We took a chance with an early planting which germinated fairly well but have waited for good warm soil to plant the main crop.

 Bean sprouts are also subject to being munched by earwigs and later planting seems to reduce this damage.

 After the roller-coaster temperatures this spring, the Valley finally has enough heat to bring on early crop greens. Matthew Culberson had some fine looking lettuce and early kale in the Woodstock Farm Market this past Friday. This means we are on the way to a steady supply of garden fresh greens. Each Friday from now on should see an increase in garden produce.

 One of the big factors in favour of local, garden fresh produce is the time from harvest to our dinner tables. The longer this time, the greater the loss of nutritional value. Most produce found in supermarkets is anything but fresh, even though it has been transported in refrigerated truck trailers from California, Florida, and even Mexico.

 Produce in the Woodstock Farm Market on Friday has likely been harvested on Thursday. Its nutritional value as well as taste will be at its peak. Early season greens go fast so it pays to be early at the Market on Friday. During the week check the cooler for additional incoming produce.

 Wine Tasting at the Market

Looking ahead at the Market, Mott’s Landing Vineyard and Winery will be hosting a wine tasting event on Saturday, June 20th from 1 – 3 PM. This will be a nice event to put on your calendar.

Sonia Carpenter and David Craw have developed a first class, small-scale wine making business. Under provincial regulations local wineries are permitted to sell their products at the farm gate and in Farm Markets.

Mott’s Landing’s selection of fine wines has been a real boon to the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market for the past two years. The June 20th event will include information and samples on which wines go well with which kinds of foods.

The Market is open 10 AM to 4 PM six days a week. On Friday it opens at 8 AM.