Local Books at the Farm Market

Farm Market Report for Dec. 1, 2015 Keith Helmuth


 The search for suitable gifts can sometimes be a problem. The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is a place where this problem often has a solution.  For example, books often make good Christmas gifts and the display of books in the Market by local authors has recently been expanded.

If you have people on your gift list who enjoy reading, the Farm Market may have books that will fill the bill. Here is a selection of what you will find: School Days: The One Room-Schools of Maritime Canada by George Peabody. This book is filled with photographs and interesting stories of the old days. You Can Do It is a first novel by 12-year old Sarah Slipp that will be especially interesting to young readers. Sarah is now 13 and working on a second novel.

 Until You Have Loved an Animal: How Pets Affected One Vet’s Soul by Mildred Drost. This is a Market best seller. The Ghost of Nackawick Portage: The Collected Short Stories of George Frederick Clarke. These stories about life along the St. John River by Woodstock’s best-known writer are gathered here for the first time in this new book.

 Six Salmon Rivers and Another by George Frederick Clarke. This is a new edition of Clarke’s famous fishing book. The Last Romantic: The Life of George Frederick Clarke, Master Storyteller of New Brunswick by Mary Bernard. This is not just the biography of Clarke but a view of Woodstock from 1883 to 1973 as well.

 Arctic Odyssey by Len Sherman recounts the adventure of traversing the Northwest Passage in a small sailboat. Judson Corey has several titles on display: The Story of Knowelsville, Knowelsville II: The Corey Story, and Growing Up on a New Brunswick Farm.

Memories Ablaze and Embers Remain by Rita Blaney are fictionalized accounts of NB family and community life.  The poetry selection includes Earth Carries Spirit by Ann Brennan, Poems from the Heart and Hearth by Sarah Sherman, Past and Present by Etta Blaney, and Every Poem is a Love Poem by Gordon Gilhuly.

This is a selection of books available by local authors There are more to chose from and you can use Downtown Dollars at the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market, open six days a week.