Old Traditions and New Books at the Farm Market

Farm Market Report for Tuesday November 22, 2016
Keith Helmuth

When Jane Farrell puts out homemade peanut brittle at her Farm Market stall you know the holiday season is under way. I noticed this past Friday that half the bags were already gone from the tray at her stall, but I am sure she will keep it well-supplied right up to Christmas.

Peanut brittle candy is a very old tradition found in many places around the world, especially Greece, Georgia (the country), Pakistan, all around the Middle East, and even South Asia. It goes by many names but is essentially the same candy, sometimes with different nuts.

Maple sugar candy is another confection that goes way back in history and is a unique part of our local tradition. McLellan’s Maple Syrup stall has a supply on hand for the season.

woodstock-farm-market-15The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is a place that keeps many traditions alive, especially this time of year. From traditional foods, to hand made woodcraft products, to a wide range of wool knit products, the Market is now brimming with items that make unique and thoughtful gifts.

But it’s especially the hand knitting that comes into its own this time of year. I think it’s safe to say that the display of mittens, socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, slippers, and booties at the Market won’t be found anywhere else. Some vendors specialize in knit products, but many others include knitting along with their other products. It takes a tour of the Market, looking into each stall, to see the full variety of wool knitting for sale.

And along with the already knit products, the Market is the place in the area for Briggs and Little wool yarn. The yarn stall has every colour in both the Heritage 2ply yarn and the Tuffy (added nylon) 2ply yarn. It also stocks every colour of Briggs and Little roving.

New Books by Local Authors

A number of new books by local authors have recently come into the Market just in time for gift giving or for your own winter reading interest.

Dr. Mildred Drost, the Northern Carleton vet and leader of the Dun Roamin pet rescue program, has written a new book about experiences with animals. It is called Until Each One Has a Home. It has an appealing cat photo on the cover. Look for it at the Market front counter or at the Local Author’s Book Corner. Her first book, Until One Has Loved an Animal, has been a steady seller at the Market and is also available.

New editions of three more George Frederick Clarke books are now available at the Market: Song of the Reel is his second and greatly loved fishing book with many new illustrations; Jimmy-Why and Noël Polchies: Their Adventures in the Great Woods combines both Jimmy-Why books for young readers in one volume; Someone Before Us: Buried History in Central New Brunswick tells the fascinating story of Clarke’s lifelong archaeological work discovering and exploring the ancient campsites and settlements of the original people in the St. John Valley region. This was Clarke’s last book, published originally in 1968 and now expanded and updated with new illustrations of many stone tools, some in colour. Someone Before Us will be on the shelf at the Market on Wednesday, November 23rd.