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Downtown Dollars at the Farm Market

Farm Market Report for Nov. 17, 2015
Keith Helmuth

New ways to increase local prosperity keep popping up. The Woodstock Downtown Business Improvement Association (BIA) has come up with a bright idea to encourage shopping local -Downtown Dollars – and the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is on board.

Prosperity grows when local people do more business with local businesses. This is especially true when the products purchased are locally produced – which is the case when you do business at the Farm Market.

Everybody loves a bargain and the BIA has a bargain that will be hard to pass up. Starting on November 20th it will launch Downtown Dollars. Downtown Dollars provide a savings of 20% on every purchase made at participating downtown Woodstock businesses.

Downtown Dollars will be available for purchase at $.80 on the $1.00 up to a maximum of $500 per individual. For example, you can purchase $500 Downtown Dollars for $400 Canadian dollars and spend them as cash at participating stores. The businesses are reimbursed 100% for the Downtown Dollars they take in.

Downtown Dollars do not expire. They can be used at your convenience. This kind of local currency project has been used with great success in many other towns and cities to boost local shopping and help build up local prosperity.

The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market has signed on for this project and will be accepting Downtown Dollars.

Congratulations to the BIA for bringing Downtown Dollars to Woodstock. Locations for the purchase of Downtown Dollars will be announced shortly.

 Upcoming Holiday Schedule

Midnight Madness, November 20th.  The Farm Market will be open until 10PM.

Breakfast with Santa. The Farm Market will host this annual event for kids, parents, and grandparents on Saturday, December 5th, from 9-10:30 AM.

The Market is open six day a week 10 -4. On Friday (vendor’s day) it opens at 8 AM.