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Garden Seeds, Bedding Plants, and Mother’s Day

Farm Market Report for May 3, 2016 Keith Helmuth

After an unusually warm winter and an on-again off-again spring thaw, the river ice on the Meduxnekeag and St. John just melted away this year with no drama.

Normally their comes a time in mid-April when Woodstockers gather near the Farm Market to watch the ice breakup and move down river with a mighty crunching and grinding as the slabs pitch and heave into each other. Often a jam will occur at Woodstock and huge chunks of ice will be pushed up the banks of the river. One year we had a slab of ice as big as a hay wagon in the Farm Market parking lot after the water went down.

Garden Seeds

With a fine stretch of sunny days, May is now here. The ground is ready for working and early crops that like cool weather can be planted – lettuce, radish, spinach, carrots, kale, chard, and beets, to name a few. Matthew Culberson now has his garden seed display in place at the Woodstock Farm Market. These are seeds locally grown by Culberson family. Matthew is at the Market on Fridays and is always ready with helpful advice about seed selection and gardening advice. Hope Seeds from Nova Scotia are also available at Carolyn Davis’ stall.

Bedding Plants

Bedding plants from Sunrise Farm will again be available at the Market. They had their first small display of flower plants at an inside stall this past Friday. As the season progresses, they will have both vegetable plants and flowering plants and be located on the Market veranda.

Mother’s Day Draw

Once again, the Market is celebrating Mother’s Day with a draw. This time it is for a hanging basket full of petunias. The prize basket is set up across from the front door with slips to fill out and a box to receive your entry. The draw will be this coming Friday around noon.

Gnomes Come to the Market

 Renee Sullivan has put her recycling imagination to work again and has populated her Market stall with a whole flock Gnomes. For people who collect Gnomes, these are not to be missed. They are small in stature – as little people should be – but are beautifully crafted with real character, and as winsome as an Irish spring breeze.

Mystery Books

 A friend of the Market has donated a new batch of old mystery novels for the used book shelf. Proceeds from the used books go to help with Market maintenance. Used book donations are always appreciated.

The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is open six days a week 10 to 4. The doors open at 8 AM on Friday.