Farm Market Customer and Vendor Appreciation Day – Dec. 18th

Farm Market Report for Dec. 15, 2015 Keith Helmuth

What makes Farm Markets work and why are they continuing to increase across the province and country? In two words – customers and vendors.

Local vendors and regular customers are the heart of the Farm Market. That may seem pretty obvious, but it’s worth pondering a bit and the Board of Directors of the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market thinks it’s worth celebrating.

To help with that celebration, Friday, December 18th will be “customer and vendor appreciation day,” at the Market. A big punch bowl will be set up and vendor supplied treats and snacks will be spread out for everyone to enjoy.

John Thompson will be set up with his harp and supply the music for the day. The Board is encouraging as many vendors as can make it to be in the Market on the 18th for the celebration.

Since the Market has been open six days a week, sales have been spread out instead of concentrated on Fridays, as was previously the case. Some customers may not have met the vendors of the products they have been enjoying. Some vendors may not have met each other. The 18th will be an opportunity for these connections to be made and renewed.

We hope that customers who shop on other days will show up on the 18th as well. It’s that “meet me at the Market” experience that want to celebrate.


The Board extends a heartfelt “thanks” to all customers and vendors who continue to sustain the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market.