More New Products in the Market

Keith Helmuth

One of the signs of a good business environment is the introduction of new products, especially when they are products people want and need. Locally raised meat scores high on this list at the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market.

Becaguimec Farm Meat Products


 Becaguimec Farm is a new vendor with a new product – organically raised turkey. Their freezer was loaded with the big birds before Thanksgiving and four of them walked out the door for the holiday.

Becaguimec Farm is located near Coldstream and is operated by Emily Shapiro and John Best. In addition to turkey they have chicken, pork, and rose veal available.

“Rose veal” is the name of the meat from young beef animals that are not raised in extreme confinement. Ordinarily, veal is produced by raising animals in extreme confinement, which produces meat that is pale in colour. Rose veal comes from animals that are raised in more normal conditions, which gives the meat a healthier colour.

All livestock on Becaguimec Farm is organically raised, which means their feed is pesticide free and no hormones or antibiotics are used. The pork comes from pigs raised on pasture. Locally grown meat that is safe and healthy is becoming one of the lead items in the local food movement across the country.

Becaguimec Farm products can be picked up any time from their freezer at the Market. They also take orders for whole or half sides of veal and have boxes available, which include either a chicken or turkey along with a selection of other meats. A complete list of their products and contact information is posted on their freezer. Emily Shapiro is at Market on Fridays to meet customers and provide further information on their products.

Felted Wool Hats and Mittens

 Market vendor, Gladine Berry, has been thinking about what new articles she could add to her stall and has come up with felted wool hats and mittens. The process of felting wool is an old tradition for increasing its density and warmth. Felted wool also sheds water better than straight knitting. Gladine Berry’s knit products are displayed just to the left of the sales counter at the Market. She is at the sales counter on Wednesday afternoon and will be glad to explain the felting process. In addition to felting new products, it’s a good way to recycle old sweaters into material that can be use for a variety of crafts.


The Farm Market is open six days a week 10 to 4. The Market opens at 8 on Friday.